Week in Review


We take a peek this past week’s posts in a segment we call Week in Review.

“Linsanity” Makes its Way Into Pop Psychology

Intern Christy Lim takes a look at the pop psychology behind Jeremy Lin’s rise to fame and resulting media frenzy and its effect on young Asian Americans.

Chinese Look for American Surrogates

An influx of Chinese nationals are looking for American surrogates of ethnic Chinese descent. Apart from carrying their child, the American surrogates also bestow U.S. citizenship to their offspring, even when they are taken to China by their adoptive parents.

Obama Divvies Camp Preservation Funds

President Barack Obama set aside funding to continue Japanese-American interment camp preservation and education, if approved by a lower committee.

White House Asks, “What’s Your Story?”

The Initiative on Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders asked people to submit their story via YouTube. We took a look at the top three videos and posted them here for you.

Asian Eyes: To Lift or Not to Lift?

In this week’s Health & Beauty segment, we looked at the trend of eye surgery among Asian Americans, for both medical and cosmetic reasons.


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