Asian Fashion and Its Relationship to Our Culture


Asian culture is a culture full of traditions. Asian countries possess a very rich history, and their culture is one that is embedded with ours permanently, through popular Asian cultural icons, such as Korean Pop music (K-Pop), Japanese pop music (J-Pop), well liked anime, such as Dragon Ball Z or Pokémon, manga and computer games. These popular culture icons have made their way into our culture, and they have brought with them their respective Asian fashions.

As Asian traditions and culture are very popular within our own, we have started to see a rise in the number of Asian-related products and consumer items being purchased here in the Western world. It is also one of the reasons why Asian fashion, and Japanese fashion, in particular, was able to make it into our culture so quickly, becoming popular amazingly efficiently. People will see someone dressed up in Asian fashion and subconsciously recognize them as looking good and trendy, most likely from an Asian television show or computer game they watched or played.

One example of this is the classic school girl look, which we all know to be purely Asian in origin. This look comes from Japanese fashion, and we know it is embedded in our culture firmly. An easy way to prove this is to simply imagine what you associate this look with. For example, when I say “Japanese fashion,” you probably immediately think of the school girl look or, if not, then something traditional, like a kimono. This recall demonstrates the pervasiveness of what Japanese fashion is thought to be and what our culture has embedded it as.

This is also where another of the Asian fashion stereotypes comes from. Another thing you may think of when I say “Asian fashion” is the cute, sweet and innocent look, which is a direct relation to the school girl look. This is a complete classic when discussing Asian fashion, and is a look which is still extremely popular in the today’s world. This further shows Asian fashion and its culture is firmly rooted in our culture.

Cute Asian fashion look

Asian fashion, like Asian heritage, is completely rich and deep in experience. The Asian countries of the world have some of the richest histories in known existence, and this means that they have been developing clothes to go with their traditions for that much longer. They certainly know what they are doing when it comes to fashion.

Another good way to show what people in the Western world think of Asian fashion is to ask your friends, and yourself, what you think Asian girls clothing is like, on average. Ninety-nine percent of people will say something along the lines of “Asian fashion looks great,” or “Asian girls dress awesomely!” You might imagine a petite girl wearing cute clothes, or something similar. Are you starting to see what I mean?

You know how rich Asian culture and its history is, and you should have figured out the main implication of this for you. When you wear Asian fashion and Japanese fashion, your friends will think you look great, as the idea of Asian fashion being aesthetically pleasing has been subconsciously embedded into their, and your, minds by some very clever people. This is great because Asian fashion is cheap, and you can get anything you want from online sent directly to you from anywhere in the world. So what on Earth are you waiting for?

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