Media Releases, March 20, 2012


Every Tuesday, we’re here to bring you the latest music and film releases featuring Asian Americans in our Media Releases column. If we missed anything – impossible given our perfection (snark) – and you think we should know, add it in the comments below. You’ll receive full credit and our kudos.


Port of Morrow, Columbia

The Shins return for the latest album featuring Yuuki Matthews from Crystal Skulls. If you like your indie rock sound with a dose of smooth hipster, you can’t miss this album, which is $10 on Just click the photo to check it out.



HOP, Universal Pictures

A James Marsden Easter Bunny and a “Chinese Woman” Cici Lau. Somehow, I think one plays a more prominent role in this film. A light-hearted family romp about a bunny with bigger dreams than delivering eggs for Jesus’ resurrection…yeah.


The Muppets, Walt Disney

Ken Jeong isn’t a playing a stereotype when he appears as a doctor in movies:  He’s really an MD! The Muppets takes a childhood staple and updates it for their latest big screen adventure. It features three Asian Americans – a beautiful site for sore Muppet eyes.

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