Friday Features, Aug. 24, 2012


It’s getting ghastly, in this apparitious edition of the weekly new release movie roundup department, Friday Features. Each week, we take Hollywood’s latest offerings and grade them on their Asian-American presence, or lack thereof. Have a suggestion for improving the segment or adding something you’d like to see? Tell us in the comments below. Until then, grab some kettle corn, cause it’s movie time.

Premium Rush Movie Poster


No. of AA: 27+/-

Rating:  A+

Premium Rush

Joseph “Joe-Joe” Gordon-Levitt is a bicycle delivery boy in Manhattan who picks up a mystery package that gains him the ire of various underbelly groups in this end-of-summer, fast-paced thriller. Jamie Chung stars as Nima, a submissive and Engrish speaking woman. Sad.

The Apparition Movie Poster

Warner Bros.

No. of AA: 0

Rating:  F

The Apparition

An unspeakably-speakable horror is unleashed as a college experiment on an unsuspecting couple in this horror film pining for your back-to-school dollars. Will you give in to its haunting example of how not to include AAPI actors in your film.

Hit and Run Movie Poster

Open Road

No. of AA: 0

Rating:  F

Hit and Run

A getaway driver, who starts a new life in the witness protection program, crosses lines to save his girlfriend, when his former bank robbing buddy and a dirty cop come calling. Tom Arnold stars as the dirty cop. Wait. I thought he was dead… Bradley Cooper does get raped by a Filipino, though…

Overall rating this week: A+

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