Jenna Ushkowitz Character Being Hyped on Glee


For someone who hasn’t watched a single episode of Glee, an American musical TV series from Fox Network, you’ll never realize how relevant and how powerful Jenna Ushkowitz’s role has become since the first season. She portrays the role of Tina Cohen Chang, the only Asian girl who’s part of McKinley High’s very diverse glee club. Tina Cohen Chang is now a senior and the only remaining original member of the glee club, since most of the characters graduated last season (including Lea Michelle and Chris Colfer). In many ways, her role is somehow being hyped in various episodes from the start of the current season. First, she was the center of the story in the top-rating “Diva” episode, where she performed a Madonna single “Hang Up On You” in front of the entire student body. Second, from a shy girl doing backups to Rachel Berry, she is now getting more solos and lead performances. Third, her character is now a more empowered feminist who always fights for her own right. There is also a rumor that she might even get a love interest before the season ends.

The April 11th episode of Glee, entitled “Shooting Stars,” according to Just Jared, is the most serious and the most heartfelt episode that they’ve ever done. The upbeat and happy-go-lucky members of New Directions ended up being trapped inside the choir room as they heard gunshots fired inside McKinley. Jenna Ushkowitz is the only one who was given a “stellar performance” as the only Glee member who is not inside the campus. She’s not allowed to enter the school’s premises to join her friends in the horrific event. She ended up seriously crying like a veteran actress. Viewers were amazed at how mature she acted out in the said episode. Do you think she is ready to be a lead actress on serious dramas? Share your thoughts with the online universe, including the social and community section of gaming sites like Afterwards, share your thoughts in the comment section below this post.

There are still four episodes left in Glee season four. In an interview with Just Jared, Ushkowitz couldn’t reveal anything yet on what will happen as we get closer to the season finale. She told Jared, “Nobody knows anything!”

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