Korean Actors and Their Asian Style


Korean actors in the past and today dress in unique ways setting them apart from other entertainers. This style has not only influenced their way of acting, but also how they act and react in their private lives. Such a style fits these actors very well because it is based on Asian clothes and on culture.

Asian clothes are making the Korean actors of today stand out from the crowd. There is no such thing as an actor who doesn’t know how to dress properly. They make up the exterior of his character and thus turn him into something believable by the audience.

Korean fashion fits very well in the types of movies in which Korean actors play and also in Asian culture. They express the Korean fiber because through them an entire culture unfolds. Korean women enjoy these clothes because of the fact that they live for the perfect scene. With these clothes on them, great films were and are being made.

Actors influence a lot of the Asian wholesale fashion industry. Thematic clothes are being bought, sold and then bought again. People enjoy buying a lot of clothes for cheap prices, even if they aren’t of quality because they see them as a bargain. A thematic suit or a bunch of thematic actor suits always attract the attention of the public because people want to be just like their idols. It has been said: “In this current age, costumes make up almost 50 percent of a character’s value, another 10 being make up and the rest is the performance itself.”

Actor Park Bo-young

Korean actor Park Bo-young. Above, actor Kim Ok-bin. Photos: Sujin Kim

Asian clothes, since ancient times, have been different to European clothes.  They are more colorful and are based on cleaner materials and different styles. Asia, at least in the middle- ages, was cleaner and, in some fields, more advanced compared to other cultures. It is a known fact that Europeans took silk bugs for the first time from China. With this being said, the people from Asia have a lot to look up to. When they see their national flags or their history books, they should be proud, and they should also try to follow in their own footsteps.

Asian wholesale fashion was designed to allow citizens to have a healthy supply of clothes. It was built so people could have access to a wide array of items that they could use in their everyday lives. Clothes are rarely about one single item but about a collection. It’s the entire clothing set that makes someone look good or bad. People need to understand how to connect different clothes and how to enhance their natural beauty.

Actors are people that audiences admire. They are followed everywhere by paparazzi and their opinions often are heard, even if they might not matter. It is because of them that some fashion trends have become more widespread than others.

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Photo: Sujin Kim, a.k.a. Surrealistic Scenes on Flickr

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