Jason Chu Honors AAPI Heritage Month Through Spoken Word


Rapper and artist Jason Chu, whom you may remember from an earlier article, honors Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a spoken word poem. “A Thousand Names” looks at the people who immigrated to America to find a better start for their families, only to be met with more challenges. In his own words:

Over the past few years, as I’ve written more and more about my family, my friends, and their stories of leaving, moving, transitioning — translating — and growing, I’ve come to realize that culture isn’t an abstract noun.

Culture is found on the deck of a refugee boat; the songs of a homeland; the memories of lost lives and lost loves; the loving but tense bonds between generations.

I offer this spoken word video in memory of those who came before: their names, their stories, their journeys. Our history.

Check out his video below:

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